Siberian cattery of Chicago, IL U.S.A.

Below is our Queen, Smoky Heavens (a.k.a. Smoke). 
She is here to demonstrate what Black Smoke kittens look like at four month old. Black Smoke kittens are born black in color and get lighter as they age. You will see their final fur shade just under one year of age, after which their faces turn jet black and their body's undercoat turns almost white, creating a black-smoke effect. Black Smoke is not a "rare" color, but you cannot produce an all Black Smoke litter even from two Black Smoke parents, therefore we will not have them as often as Silver or Brown Tabbies.
In my opinion, this color is extremely striking, and it definitely creates a "Wow!" effect on me.
We will be now producing Black Smoke color more frequently . Request one for yourself if you like them too!

(see Smoke's updated picture on "Our Breeders" page)

Black Smoke color in Siberians